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Rural Debt and Access to Finance

Ensuring access to finance to support small businesses, including farm businesses, is of vital importance to the agricultural sector and rural communities, ensuring these businesses can continue to grow their contribution to employment and the economy. At the same time, rural debt levels have increased significantly in the last decade – rising by over 85 […]

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Research and Development

The NFF is of the view that relevant agricultural Research& Development (R&D) underpins innovation to produce better quality and more competitively priced food and fibre. The NFF fully supports the current model for rural R&D, co-funded through government contributions and agricultural industry levies. Our Vision To spur innovation in agriculture, the NFF supports the following […]

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The NFF believes that all rural and regional Australians are entitled to equal access to reliable and affordable telecommunications – and we maintain a constant ‘watching brief’ to ensure that the Australian Government adequately meets the needs of people in country areas. Telecommunications services, be it phone, mobile or internet, are of vital importance for […]

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Livestock exports

The Australian livestock export industry has undergone major changes over the last several years, as a result of the ABC Four Corners report into live exports in 2012, the Government suspension and the subsequent resumption of trade. At the heart of these changes has been ensuring continuous improvements in animal welfare. The suspension of the […]

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Animal Welfare Policy

Australian farmers value the trust that the community places in them and know that community acceptance of the way they care for animals is essential to the agriculture industry’s success. The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) is committed to ongoing and transparent dialogue with the community about the management of animal welfare. Engagement with the community […]

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Australia’s biosecurity system is fundamental to the success of our agriculture industries; to the health of our natural environment and our society and economy at large. An adequately funded and well-resourced and effective system will be an essential part of industry achieving our goal of $100 billion in farm gate output by 2030. The primary […]

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Natural Capital

Farmers manage 52% of the Australian landscape. The NFF recognises the importance of the environment for Australian agriculture as well as the broader public for the intrinsic soil, water, and living organism services it provides. In order to work towards sustainability, Australian farmers must be afforded market-based recognition for the stewardship of these ecosystem services […]

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Climate Change

Agriculture continues to lead Australia’s emissions reductions effort. Policy at all levels must recognise the previous, current and future role of profitable and productive agricultural businesses in the context of climate change response and provide a pathway for sustainable agricultural development. The purpose of this policy is to provide a set of principles to reaffirm […]

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Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Policy Position The NFF supports a healthy Murray-Darling Basin that truly balances the economic, social and environmental objectives our nation enjoys from our largest river system. The NFF favours the implementation of the Plan, recognising there are a number of improvements which need to be made to make it fairer and more workable. Governments must […]

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Prime Agricultural Land

Policy Position The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) recognises the importance of prime agricultural land. The long-term success of the agricultural industry will be dependent on continued access to land and water resources and requires a longterm strategy centred on the productivity of our food and fibre systems. Prime agricultural land is a crucial consideration in […]

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