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Unlock Agriculture

Restricting movement between communities with zero cases of COVID-19 is illogical, and it’s damaging our food and fibre supply chains. It’s time for a sensible, risk-based approach to keeping Australians safe from COVID-19. 

With a stretch of Australia from Mildura to Longreach now COVID-free, it’s time to put politics aside so we can get Australia growing.

Australia has now been living with COVID-19 for over six months. It’s time to move past the panic, find a new business as usual.

This failure of governments to agree on a sensible, risk-based solution is extremely concerning for farmers and rural and regional Australia. 

The panicked crisis management approach that has arbitrarily shut state borders must be immediately replaced with a consistent and workable approach that provides certainty for agricultural movements.  

We need a risk mitigation approach that puts health concerns first and takes a common sense approach to movement for the purpose of food and fibre production.

It’s nonsense that movements between areas with zero active or recorded cases are prohibited.

The stretch of land between Mildura in Victoria to Longreach in Queensland has zero active cases. It begs the question: why are we restricting these movements based on artificial state boundaries?

Farmers and regional towns are suffering due to a city-centric, bureaucracy driven, out-of-touch approach.

With Premiers and Chief Ministers due to meet to consider a way forward, help add your support to open up our food bowl and get regional Australia growing again.