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On-farm Connectivity Guide

In an increasingly digitally connected and enabled world, access to telecommunications is no longer a luxury; in agriculture, the increased emergence of cloud-based platforms and mobile applications requires connectivity in-paddock as well as at home.

This guide is designed to assist farmers better to understand the key phrases used in the on-farm, AgTech and connectivity sectors as they are relevant to agricultural operations. We want this guide to be a key reference point for industry to use, providing a basis for consistent use of language across the sector to assist farmers, and their technology advisers, to navigate the constantly evolving world of connectivity. Working together, we can help to lift the digital capability of Australia’s farmers to ensure that they are adequately supported to adopt digital solutions into their farming business. 

This guide has been developed in consultation and with input from a range of industry stakeholders, and we would like to thank them for contributing to this work and sharing their insights for the benefit of Australian farmers.

To learn more about the On-Farm Connectivity Guide, click here.

Australian Farm Data Code

The Australian Farm Data Code (the Code) was developed and adopted by the National Farmers’ Federation in consultation with industry.

The Code is intended to inform the policies of service providers who manage data on behalf of farmers. It is also a yardstick by which farmers can evaluate the policies of those providers.

Benefits to farmers include:

  • increased awareness and understanding of the ways in which providers are collecting, using and sharing their farm data;
  • a framework to compare providers and inform negotiations about data policies; and,
  • improvements to industry-wide data practices over time.

Benefits for service providers include:

  • clear and agreed guidance on data policies; and,
  • a helpful framework to inform discussions with farmers about data.
To learn more about the Australian Farm Data Code, click here.

Regional Rural & Remote Communications Coalition

The Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition (RRRCC) is a group of like-minded organisations who have come together to end the data drought and to champion better communications services for consumers and small businesses living in rural, remote or regional areas.

The National Farmers’ Federation is a secretary of the RRRCC alongside Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN).

The Coalition works on policies for improving telecommunications in rural and remote communities. 

More information about the RRRCC can be found in the information booklet, here.

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