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On Farm Connectivity Information Service

To help farmers navigate the connectivity investment landscape and make informed decisions for their business, the On Farm Connectivity Information Service provides practical support tailored to farmers’ individual needs.

The Information Service has been developed by the NFF in partnership with the Regional Tech Hub to complement the Federal Government’s On Farm Connectivity Program (OFCP), a $30 million initiative over two years to support primary producers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries adopt connected machinery and sensor technology.

The NFF’s Regional Tech Hub has helped more than 150,000 people from across rural, regional, and remote Australia and is now extending its capability to provided dedicated on-farm connectivity support and advisory services.

Starting from 1 November, farmers will be able to utilise the Regional Tech Hub’s 1:1 communication channels through a book in-service and 1800 hotline, to directly answer questions from producers and offer expert advice on connectivity technology and their use cases.

The Federal Government’s OFCP will provide a 50% rebate (between $3,000 and $30,000) for the cost of eligible equipment, including installation and training for the cost of eligible equipment including installation and training.

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