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Budget supports farmers to continue to supercharge Australia’s economic recovery

Tonight’s Federal Budget has delivered a shot in the arm for agriculture and regional Australia with welcomed investment in biosecurity, infrastructure, trade, telecommunications, climate change adaptation and health services. NFF President Fiona Simson said the 2021-2022 Budget papers specifically referenced the NFF-led goal for agriculture to be Australia’s next $100 billion industry by 2030 and […]

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Government must invest in trade, workforce development & climate adaptation

The NFF has made the case for investment in trade development, climate adaptation and the expansion of agriculture’s workforce ahead of Tuesday’s Federal Budget. The NFF’s ask for $400 million over four years to fix Australia’s ailing biosecurity system was addressed this week, with the Government committing the lion’s share of that amount to cutting […]

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Regional Towards 2030 Forums check progress on $100b goal

The National Farmers Federation is today announcing the launch of the Towards 2030 Forum Series supported by Telstra. Held in partnership with state farming organisations, this series will see one-day forums held in each state and territory. Each forum will bring together farming and regional leaders to take stock of progress towards the NFF’s goal […]

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Farmers’ pleas answered with big bucks for biosecurity

The Federal Government has heeded calls led by the National Farmers Federation and its members to up the ante on biosecurity funding and innovation with an almost $371 million investment announced in Rockhampton today. The package is just shy of the NFF’s ask for $400 million over four years to expand and modernise Australia’s ailing […]

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Growers and farm workers asked to help protect piece rates

The NFF is calling on growers and workers in the horticulture sector to take part in a survey which aims to confirm the importance of piece rates as a payment model. Fruit and vegetable growers require workers for short intensive periods of picking and packing who are productive and capable of getting the produce off […]

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Farmers and banks working together

The National Farmers’ Federation and Australian banks have agreed to hold a regular summit to discuss issues affecting farmers across Australia. The first meeting was held yesterday and attended by NFF CEO Tony Mahar and ABA CEO Anna Bligh, along with representatives from banks and state and territory farming bodies. NFF CEO Tony Mahar said […]

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Farmers support Stop Food Waste Day 2021

The National Farmers Federation is reiterating its goal to halve food waste by 2030 on this year’s Stop Food Waste Day.Stop Food Waste Day aims to bring awareness and reduce food waste on farms and in homes. “In Australia, up to 25 percent of all vegetables produced do not leave the farm,” NFF President Fiona […]

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81 new projects to boost bush mobile & broadband services

The Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition (RRRCC) has congratulated the Federal Government on the announcement of the long-awaited Regional Connectivity Program (RCP). The program will embark on 81 place-based telecommunications infrastructure projects to improve mobile and broadband services in the bush. The investment of more than $90 million will deliver rural and regional individuals […]

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End of uncertainty for Liverpool Plains farmers

The National Farmers’ Federation welcomes today’s announcement to end plans for the development of the proposed Shenhua coal mine on the Liverpool Plains. “After more than 13 long years, farmers and the Liverpool Plains community can almost breathe a sigh of relief that this process has finally ended,” President and Liverpool Plains farmer Fiona Simson […]

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Regional Australia to take the power back

The National Farmers’ Federation supports the establishment of the Australian Local Power Agency as proposed by Federal Member for Indi, Dr Helen Haines and which will be the subject of an inquiry by the Environment and Energy Parliamentary Committee. “Affordability and reliability of electricity is a significant barrier to effective regional and rural development,” NFF […]

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