National Farmers' Federation


The NFF’s National Drought Policy prioritises objectives and outcomes that enhance long-term preparedness, sustainability, resilience and risk management for farming businesses and farming communities in Australia in order to minimise the impact of drought.

It recognises the essential role of farming businesses as the nation’s food and fibre producers, important export revenue earners and stewards of 51 per cent of the Australian land mass.

Drought policy cannot be considered in isolation from broader policies that impact on the ability of farmers and rural communities to build profitable and sustainable farming businesses and, in turn, resilient rural communities and a strong agriculture sector. These include water, natural resource management, taxation, animal welfare, regional development, telecommunications, and climate change policies.

The National Farmers’ Federation calls on the Federal Government, state and territory governments, and local governments, other agricultural industry bodies, community groups, and agricultural research organisations, to work together to develop and implement a comprehensive, enduring national drought policy.

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