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End the uncertainty for farming families

The Federal Government is set to decide whether it will appeal a court decision which gave closure to Top End communities crippled by the 2011 live export shutdown. 

Help us tell the Government to end the years of pain and uncertainty.

We’re calling on the Government not to stand in the way of fairness and justice for victims of the live export shutdown.

The 2011 decision to shut down Australia’s live cattle exports overnight caused catastrophic damage which is still being felt to this day.

Hundreds of cattle producing families, as well as the thousands of people employed across the industry had their livelihoods decimated with the stroke of a pen.

After almost a decade in court, the Federal Court has now found that the decision to suspend the trade wasn’t just careless or immoral… it was illegal.
The court agrees that the victims of this wrongdoing should be compensated, and the decision should stand as a warning to governments who ignore the people they’re meant to represent.
Rather than put this matter to bed after so many years, the Morrison Government is actively considering an appeal.
An appeal would be a slap in the face for hundreds of Top End families who have waited nearly a decade for justice.

We’re calling on the Morrison Government to let this decision lie, and give these families the closure they deserve.

Help us stand up for justice by sending an e-mail to the Prime Minister and Attorney-General.

E-mail the PM and Attorney-General

Dear Prime Minister and Attorney-General,

I am writing to you to request that the Government does not appeal the decision of the Federal Court in Brett Cattle Company Pty Ltd v Minister for Agriculture.
The verdict handed down by the Federal Court was a fair outcome for the communities and businesses who had their livelihoods destroyed by the live export shutdown.
I support the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) in its call for Government to let the Court's ruling stand, and to right the wrongs of an illegal decision made in 2011.
A decision to appeal would send a clear message of contempt and disregard to farmers and rural communities across the country.
After almost a decade of pain and suffering, it is vital that businesses and families are compensated.
Please let the decision stand and accept that a just outcome has finally been reached.

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Yours sincerely,
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