National Farmers' Federation

Greens’ posturing on Nature Repair Bill ‘unhelpful’

Australia’s peak farm body has labelled commentary by The Greens on the Nature Repair Market Bill as ‘unhelpful’, warning it threatens to delay or derail much needed private sector investment in Australia’s landscapes.

NFF President Fiona Simson urged The Greens to take a more constructive approach on the Bill.

“Farmers have been calling for this sort of partnership-based approach to invest in the health of our landscapes for years. We’ve partnered with two successive governments over the past decade to make this a reality.

“To see it fall over at the final hurdle would be heartbreaking, not to mention a huge loss for the environment,” Ms Simson said.

Ms Simson said that claims the Bill was ‘irreparable’ were simply not true.

“We’re not seeing a genuine attempt by The Greens to improve the Bill or ensure this new market succeeds. Their zany ideas about climate triggers or native forestry entirely miss the point.

“That’s in contrast to the Coalition, who are engaged on the substance and wanting to make this market work. They’re zeroing in on practical concerns that we’re confident can be resolved through constructive negotiation.”

The NFF said the Bill is an important building block as agriculture engages in further demonstration of its sustainability and works towards its goal of rewarding farmers for environmental services.

“Once we have a mechanism to develop a biodiversity product we can then continue to develop a marketplace for the product for multiple purchasers, including governments.

“At the end of the day, nobody should want to see this Bill die in the Senate. It’s a rare win-win-win for landholders, the environment and business – and stakeholders from each of those camps have worked too hard for too long to see it fail.”