National Farmers' Federation

Mandatory code for horticulture welcomed relief to growers

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) today welcomed the Federal Government’s recognition of the overwhelming need for a mandatory Code of Conduct for the horticulture sector to bring it into line with normal business practices.
“We congratulate the Federal Government for making good on its pledge to growers,” NFF Vice-President Charles Burke said. “It’s been two years of hard work and, at times, argy-bargy, but in the end what counts is that farmers will get the certainty and clarity they need in their business dealings.
“The NFF and our members are to be commended for their efforts in steadfastly and resolutely sticking to their guns throughout a barrage of claims and counter-claims throughout this process.
“Today’s announcement will significantly restore confidence in a much-maligned sector, and will go along towards making real cultural change in the horticulture trading environment.
“We are relieved that this stage, the delivery of a mandated Code of Conduct, is complete. We now look forward with confidence to reviewing the detail of the code and working with the Government on its successful implementation to see it seamlessly integrated within the sector’s business activities.”

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