National Farmers' Federation

NFF visits UAE sheep facility to understand fallout if government persists with trade ban

The National Farmers’ Federation has gained a firsthand perspective of what banning the live sheep export trade will have on the people in the Middle East.

While in Dubai for COP28, NFF President David Jochinke and Chief Executive Tony Mahar toured the Trans Emirates Livestock Trading’s facility.

“What we’ve seen is well-organised, clean facility with robust animal welfare standards,” Mr Jochinke said.

“We’ve gained a greater understanding of why the live sheep trade is so important to the people in the Middle East who simply don’t have the climate to raise sheep or the infrastructure to support processed sheepmeat.

“It was made crystal clear to us, while their preference is to source sheep from Australia, if the trade is banned, they will find an alternative country to trade with.

“We know Australia’s animal welfare standards and practices are world-leading and Australian sheep are cared for before, during and after they are shipped.

“If the Albanese Government genuinely cares about animal welfare and Australian farmers, it will reverse its decision to ban this trade.

“I encourage the Prime Minister to come and see for himself the facility in the Middle East and to have conversations with the people here who want to continue trading with us.”