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NFF Horticulture Council

About the NFF Horticulture Council
The Council was established in 2019 and is made up of national and state peak horticulture bodies and the horticulture members of state farming organisations.

The Council develops policy positions on common issues of national importance to the horticulture sector such as trade, workforce, biosecurity, farm business, climate change and sustainability; telecommunications and infrastructure.

Since its establishment the Council has achieved positive outcomes for growers relating to the establishment of a dedicated Agriculture Visa, free trade agreements; the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility scheme; the adoption of the Fair Farms initiative and engagement with the Fair Work Commission on award wage provisions.

How does the Horticulture Council operate?
The Council meets formally four times per year and additionally on an as-needs-basis. The Council is chaired by NFF President Fiona Simson. The Council’s Executive Officer is Tyson Cattle. Tyson is on a secondment from his substantive role with Horticulture Council Member, AusVeg.

Contact the Horticulture Council
Executive Officer Tyson Cattle tyson.cattle@ausveg.com.au 

Horticulture Council Members