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Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is fundamental to farmers, who have the responsibility of caring for livestock. Good animal welfare is consistent with good farming, because high quality animal products require healthy animals and excellence in animal care. Farmers are strong advocates of good animal welfare, and are best placed to drive continuous improvement in welfare outcomes.

Farmers also value the trust that the community places in them and know that community acceptance of the way they care for animals is essential to the agriculture industry’s success. The NFF is committed to ongoing and transparent dialogue with the community about the management of animal welfare. Engagement with the community based on trust and transparency is a core tenet of the NFF’s 2030 Roadmap for a $100 billion agriculture sector.

In Australia, state and territory governments have responsibility for regulating and enforcing minimum standards for animal welfare. Standards for livestock welfare are science-based and are developed jointly by industry and government as well as welfare organisations and the research sector. A strong partnership approach is essential to the success of the system.

The NFF, together with its members – particularly the livestock peak councils and state farming organisations – demonstrates its commitment to continuous improvement in farm animal welfare through national policy and advocacy efforts.

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