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Australia’s biosecurity system is fundamental to the success of our agriculture industries, to the health of our natural environment, and to our society and economy at large.

The NFF 2030 Roadmap identifies a robust national biosecurity system as integral to achieving the agriculture sector’s vision of $100 billion GVP by 2030. The Roadmap explicitly links biosecurity to market access and international competitiveness, which is underpinned by our favourable pest and disease status.

Biosecurity is also central to on-farm productivity, profitability and sustainability, minimising the damaging impacts of invasive species and the associated costs of management. 

The NFF believes that ensuring Australia’s biosecurity system is innovative, adequately resourced and operating efficiently is critical and should be a shared priority for governments, industry, and the broader community.

A partnership approach is essential to deliver a modern system that successfully manages biosecurity risk, and the NFF is calling for a national biosecurity strategy and long-term investment plan for the system, collaboratively developed, funded and implemented by governments and industry.

To view the NFF’s policy on biosecurity and industry priorities for action: click here.

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