National Farmers' Federation


New technologies and the improved use of available technologies – such a biotechnology and genetically modified (GM) crops – have assisted Australian farmers achieve efficiency and productivity gains, and have helped ensure Australian agriculture can remain competitive on international markets.

The NFF recognises the potential of biotechnology (including gene technology) as a valuable tool within agricultural production systems. The responsible and strategic application of biotechnology within Australian agriculture can result in significant benefits for Australian farmers, the environment, consumers and the Australian economy as a whole. Australian cotton growers, for example, have reduced their use of pesticides by over 90 percent over the last 10 years due to biotechnology and best management pest practices.

The NFF believes that Australian farmers should have the opportunity to adopt production methods best suited to their business needs – be that GM, conventional, organic or any combination of these methods – and that the production decisions of one farmer should not unreasonably impinge on the ability of another farmer to meet the requirements and expectations of their chosen market.

We support research and development into biotechnology, and believe that consumers, like farmers, should have the right to choose what sort of products they use and consume.

To ensure that all Australians have access to credible, balanced and science-based information in order to make informed decisions on biotechnology and gene technology, the NFF is a supporting member of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia (formerly AgriFood Awareness Australia).

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