National Farmers' Federation

Industry Engagement Guidelines for On-farm Activities

The National Farmers’ Federation has developed a national code of conduct incorporating principles to guide respectful and constructive engagement between farmers and industries that require access to land. It relates to activity on farmland including: renewables (solar and wind) development, cultural heritage studies and surveys, carbon industry, the resources industry as well as others that may emerge in the future. 

The advent of mining and gas exploration, and more recently, solar and wind farms on agricultural land has often created significant land use conflicts in many regions around Australia, and stress for farmers and farming communities. 

While we support industry investment in regional communities, we recognise that a collaborative approach that fosters a respectful and trusted relationship between industry and farmers is critical to ensure farmers rights are maintained, and are able to make informed decisions. These guidelines provide a general set of principles intended for the specific purpose of industry engagement with farmers. 

It should also be noted that, a range of legislative and regulatory requirements exist for different types of activities and development, including: 

  • Development and planning laws; 
  • Environmental legislation (particularly for an activity that is likely to have a significant impact on matters of state or national environmental significance); and 
  • Water licencing and regulation. 

To view the full policy, click here.

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