National Farmers' Federation

Land Use Policy

 Policy Position 

The NFF promotes the protection of agricultural land. The long term success of the agriculture sector will be dependent on our continued access to land and water. Agricultural land is a valuable resource that all levels of government should preserve for the future prosperity of our sector and our nation. 

The land use decisions of governments must: 

  • recognise agriculture as a pillar of our local, state, territory and national economies 
  • support growth in the agriculture sector enabling farmers to intensify, improve productivity, and change enterprises; 
  • ensure that any change in land use is compatible with agriculture by ensuring that water resources are protected, food safety and biosecurity are not compromised and that the ability of farmers to implement modern farming practices is not restricted; 
  • be based on up to date land use trend information and the best scientific knowledge; 
  • ensure that farmers have the right to genuinely influence decisions about the activities that happen on their land; and 
  • recognise the role sustainable and profitable agriculture can play in preserving Australia’s biodiversity and managing our natural resources. 

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