National Farmers' Federation

Research and Development

The NFF is of the view that relevant agricultural Research& Development (R&D) underpins innovation to produce better quality and more competitively priced food and fibre. The NFF fully supports the current model for rural R&D, co-funded through government contributions and agricultural industry levies.

Our Vision

To spur innovation in agriculture, the NFF supports the following measures:

– Maintain the broad architecture of the rural research and development corporation model, including government contribution matching industry levies.

– Enable regulatory settings such as intellectual property protection and access to technologies for private entities wishing to engage in R&D research.

– Build an attractive investment environment for innovative public-private partnership investments by providing investment and tax incentives.

– Undertake a cross-jurisdictional review of agricultural extension services, investigating how new research can be rolled out to the agricultural industry in general.

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