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Inquiry into the problem of feral and domestic cats in Australia

Invasive species, including feral cats, pose the biggest extinction threat to Australian wildlife. According to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), while the threat of ‘invasive alien species’ rank fifth as the most significant cause of global biodiversity decline, it is the highest in Australia. Download PDF File

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Inquiry into the future of Australia Post’s service delivery

The NFF welcomes this inquiry into the future of Australia Post’s service delivery. It is important that these services, which are so heavily relied on by regional, rural and remote Australians, are regularly reviewed to ensure they continue to provide benefit and meet the changing needs of customers. It is also essential to ensure that […]

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Submission to the Clean Energy Regulator consultation paper on supporting the costs of soil sampling

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Clean Energy Regulator’s (CER) consultation paper supporting the costs of soil sampling under the Emissions Reduction Fund. The objective to reduce barriers to entry and incentivise further investment in soil projects by providing an advance payment to soil sampling costs is welcomed and […]

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Biosecurity (Traveller Declarations and Other Measures) Bill inquiry

The NFF strongly supports the intent of the bill to deter non-compliance with the Biosecurity Act 2015 and mitigate against biosecurity risk. Ongoing issues with incoming passengers failing to declare goods are of great concern to Australia’s farm sector, and it is clear that existing compliance and enforcement tools are inadequate. Download PDF File

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Submission to the ARENA Technology Investment Roadmap

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the Technology Investment Roadmap consultation paper.  There is a significant opportunity for Australian agriculture to contribute to the nation’s emissions reduction goals under the Paris Agreement. The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has the twin objectives of promoting the long-term prosperity of Australian […]

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APVMA’s Public Release Summary on the evaluation of the new active zilpaterol hydrochloride in the product Zilmax Medicated Premix.

The NFF defers to the APVMA’s expert scientific expertise on the matter of the safety of zilpaterol hydrochloride (zilpaterol). We support the internationally recognised scientific principles and processes used by the APVMA in assessing the safety of agvet chemicals. The NFF has significant concerns about the trade risks associated with registration of zilpaterol in Australia, […]

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