National Farmers' Federation

A step closer to a coordinated vision for food

The National Farmers’ Federation has welcomed the release of the issues paper into the National Food Plan as a step towards securing a sustainable food supply chain system.
“The NFF has been actively working on the issues of food scarcity and food security for many years, and we welcome the opportunity to contribute to the development of a Plan that will hopefully address many of our concerns,” NFF Vice-President Duncan Fraser said.
“From an agricultural perspective, there are many critical factors that must be addressed in the development of such a Plan, from the importance of achieving balanced water reform to the impact of development on Australia’s best agricultural land.
“Also critical is the need to secure increased funding and better coordination of agricultural research, enhance our biosecurity to protect our ‘clean and green’ reputation, increase the investment in infrastructure to ensure we have an efficient road, rail and port network and find a resolution to the current free trade negotiations.
“Of course, while the sustainability of agricultural production in this country is a critical area for the National Food Plan to consider, securing the future of the agricultural sector as a whole requires an overarching blueprint – such as the one that the NFF is currently establishing,” Mr Fraser said.
“The NFF Blueprint for Australian Agriculture will look at all issues affecting our farmers, including how we can address the challenge of growing more food, more sustainably, in order to continue to provide our own food security and make a contribution to meeting global food demand.
“Just as the Minister for Agriculture has talked about the need for a single over-arching policy framework combining policy and programs affecting food, there is a real need for a key strategy policy on the production of food and fibre over the long-term.
“The National Food Plan is an important first step in this process, and the NFF’s response to the issues paper will provide a platform on which the Blueprint can be developed, in order to secure a robust future for Australian farmers,” Mr Fraser concluded.

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