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Ag White Paper: a first step towards a stronger sector

The Federal Government has today released the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper issues paper, marking an important step towards a more profitable and competitive agricultural sector, says National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) President, Brent Finlay.
The White Paper – a strategic mapping tool for the future – will identify pathways and approaches for increasing farm profitability, and boosting agriculture’s contribution to economic growth, trade, innovation and productivity.
Mr Finlay says today’s release of the issues paper, contains nine key points that are essential to the industry’s future – ranging from food security, to improving farm gate returns, to enhancing agricultural exports, to the effectiveness of incentives for investment and job creation.
“Today’s release of the issues paper is just what we wanted to see – the first step in making agriculture a priority in this country.
“Realising agriculture’s vast potential is key, and the NFF strongly supports the Government’s commitment to set stable, long-term policies to improve productivity and growth of our dynamic industry.
“The NFF looks forward to working with the Government on the White Paper, and to develop a strategy clearly focused on real improvements for our sector,” Mr Finlay said.
Underpinning the White Paper is the NFF-led, industry-developed Blueprint for Australian agriculture. In the past 12 months, industry leaders and key decision makers have worked together to continue turning the Blueprint findings into real action.
“Our work on the Blueprint has identified key priorities. These include: measures that drive improved farm profitability; better drought management policies; improved arrangements that drive investment in the sector; reduction of the regulatory burden on the agriculture sector; and ways to continue to improve agricultural exports and new market access.
“We fully support today’s release of the issues paper as the first step towards a commitment to action beyond the talk, for a strong and sustainable future for agriculture in this country,” Mr Finlay said.

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