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Animal activists target farmers in the night

Media Statement 22 May 2015
Animal activists target farmers in the night
This morning, the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) discovered graffiti and paint on the NFF building in Canberra. The slogan “Ban Live Exports” was spray painted across the NFF building sign, with more paint and foul language scribbled on the front and rear entrance doors.
Australian farmers are regarded internationally as having strong farm animal welfare standards. As exporters, we recognise that there are risks to the welfare of Australian livestock if they leave approved supply chains.
This is why there are robust measures in place to strengthen control and traceability and to prevent facilities and importers who breach our standards from receiving Australian livestock. In addition exporters are actively helping to improve the way animals are handled and slaughtered in overseas markets by training over 7,500 workers and helping to improve facilities with more modern infrastructure and equipment
We respect the right of others to have different points of view, and we expect them to advocate those points of view in a constructive and lawful way.
Unfortunately, attacks of this type on Australian farmers and their workers are far too common. Trespass in the middle of the night, wilful vandalism of property and use of threatening language is not constructive and it is against the law.
Animal activists who take the law into their own hands disrespect the process of community engagement in animal welfare by those who are genuinely committed to improvement.

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