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Anti-dumping reform welcome in war against unfair trading

The strengthening of Australia’s anti-dumping system is positive news for Australian farmers, says the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF).
NFF President and Chair of the NFF Trade Committee, Jock Laurie, welcomed yesterday’s announcement by the Federal Government that they would establish an Anti-Dumping Commission to oversee and implement Australia’s anti-dumping system and to reduce the incidents of unfair trading practices.
“Agriculture is one industry that is particularly susceptible to dumping, where foreign products are exported to Australia at a price below cost of production,” Mr Laurie said.
“Australian farmers depend on a rigorous anti-dumping system so we can continue to compete on a level-playing field against foreign produce, while also remaining compliant with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) trade rules.
“We believe it’s very important that industries with legitimate claims against dumped exports are able to seek a remedy through Australia’s anti-dumping system to ensure unfair trading practices can be challenged – an important role for the new Anti-Dumping Commission.
“Under the reforms, Australian farmers will have access to improved information on whether overseas goods are being brought into Australia at less than the cost of production and unfairly dumped on our market.
“They will also have access to greater resources in the form of additional anti-dumping investigators. Up until now, the time, cost and complexity of launching an anti-dumping action has often been a deterrent to the agricultural sector.
“At the same time, it is essential to Australia’s trading relationships that any anti-dumping claims occur within the WTO guidelines to ensure that the anti-dumping system isn’t simply used as a form of industry protection.
“We firmly believe Australia’s anti-dumping system must be robust and reliable, which is why the NFF has been working closely with the Government, through the International Trade Remedies Forum, on the reform of this system.
“In welcoming the Anti-Dumping Commission and the investment by Government in additional anti-dumping investigators, we also acknowledge the stricter penalties that will be applied against those who deliberately circumvent Australia’s anti-dumping rules,” Mr Laurie said.

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