National Farmers' Federation

Australian Agriculture has a Bright Future

NFF President Brent Finlay said a new report released today by the Business Council of Australia (BCA) reinforces the message that Australian agriculture has a very positive story to tell.
“Agricultural productivity has grown 58 per cent over the last ten years – a great result by any measure.
“We know, as the BCA report shows, that key Asian markets will play a significant role in our economic future, and that consumers in those markets are demanding more and more high quality Australian food and fibre every week,” Mr Finlay said.
“Global demand is predicted to increase even further, by 77 per cent by 2050, driven by population growth, rising incomes and urbanisation. These factors create huge potential for the agricultural supply chain.
“Australian farmers and our agribusiness partners are in a prime position to benefit from the booming Asian middle class, given our close proximity to these key markets.
“But we can’t become complacent – there are still many challenges to overcome, as our Blueprint for Australian Agriculture highlighted and the BCA report confirms.
“Continuing to invest in research and development; inspiring our next generation of leaders; building efficient digital and physical infrastructure; breaking down trade barriers; and importantly, unifying our high-quality food and fibre under one recognisable brand globally.
“The good news is that the supply chain is working more closely together than ever before, to develop a brighter, more prosperous future for Australian agriculture.
“We must continue to tackle the challenges — with involvement right across the supply chain — so we can seize the golden opportunities that are ahead of us,” Mr Finlay said.

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