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Australian produce: from farm gate to Parliament House

Today, all Federal Parliamentarians will receive a reminder of the importance of agriculture to the Australian community, in the form of hampers of Australian food and fibre products.
The hampers, delivered by the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) on behalf of all Australian farmers, contain produce sourced from or donated by NFF members and key Australian suppliers, with support from Australian Made, Australian Grown and OzHarvest.
The hampers are a timely reminder to all Federal MPs and Senators in the final sitting week before the Federal Election, of the importance of our farmers and the agriculture sector to Australia’s society, economy and environment. NFF CEO Matt Linnegar says that in this election year, the NFF is asking all Parliamentarians – including those from urban electorates – to make agriculture a high priority.
“Agriculture is critically important to all Australians – not just those in rural communities,” Mr Linnegar said. “Every time you sit down to a meal with your family, or pack the kids school lunchboxes, or put sugar in your coffee, an Australian farmer has played a part in that.
“Australia’s 157,000 farmers not only provide 93 percent of Australia’s daily domestic food, they also are the frontline of delivering environmental stewardship, owning, managing and caring for 59 percent of Australia’s land. And they also play a vitally important role in Australia’s economy, with the wider agricultural sector and its supply chain contributing 12 percent to Australia’s GDP.
“That’s why the NFF is today delivering hampers of Australian produce – to remind our nation’s leaders and decision makers about the importance of our farming sector, and to call on them to make agriculture a key national priority this election.
“Our five policy priorities for this election are: reprioritising agriculture in the national agenda; investing in innovation, research development and extension; increasing competitiveness and profitability for our farmers; building a stronger agricultural workforce; and ensuring that there is a balance between the needs of agriculture and the needs of the environment.
“The next term of Government will have the important and challenging task of taking Australia through to 2016, a time that will be critical in ensuring that agriculture can not only meet future demand, but that it can capitalise on current and future opportunities and overcome future challenges.
“We hope that all Parliamentarians who have received our hampers today not only enjoy the produce that the NFF, our members and supporters have provided, but also reflect on the very important contribution that the farming sector makes to the lives of all Australians.”
The hampers contain a selection of Australian produce, including cotton towels, sugar and golden syrup, olive oil, tinned peaches, honey, rice, sultanas, flavoured milks, jam, apples, wool key rings, beef jerky, and other items such as lamb recipes.
Produce has been kindly supplied or donated by Australian Dairy Farmers Ltd, Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council, Australian Pork Limited, Beechworth Honey, CANEGROWERS, Cattle Council of Australia, Cotton Australia, Dried Fruits Australia, NSW Farmers, Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia, Sheepmeat Council of Australia, Victorian Farmers Federation, WoolProducers Australia, CSR, Devondale, Homeleigh Grove, Lion, Prime Super, SPC, and Sunbeam. The NFF is also partnering with OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue charity, to ensure that any unwanted food from the hampers will go to those who need it most.

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