National Farmers' Federation

Corporate farmers combine to join the NFF

TODAY the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) welcomes the Corporate Agricultural Group (CAG) as its newest Associate Member. CAG is an unincorporated group whose members include Auscott Ltd, Twynam Pty Ltd, Australian Food and Fibre Ltd, PrimeAg Australia Ltd, Paraway Pastoral Fund, Wyalong Rural Investments, Warakirri Agricultural Trusts and Clyde Agriculture Pty Ltd. Under the NFF’s new membership model, which came into effect on 1 July this year, the peak farm body is fostering wider representation, better engagement through the whole agricultural supply chain and an even stronger focus on evidence-based research and policy development. NFF President David Crombie said that CAG brings significant expertise to the NFF’s national policy settings. “The new structure ensures unity of purpose across the whole of the Australian farm sector,” he said. “It harnesses the collective strength of farmers – small, medium and large – through the traditional state-based and commodity-specific member bodies, which is now being bolstered by the new Associate Member category. “Agribusiness involvement through the Associate Member category enables important players in agriculture to bring their experiences and insights to the NFF. We are delighted to welcome them aboard.” Under the new NFF membership, Associate Members are fully involved in NFF’s business but limited as a block to no more than a 40% stake in voting rights. Speaking on behalf of CAG, Managing Director of Clyde Agriculture John McKillop explained that the group looks forward to contributing to national agricultural issues. “CAG members are already involved and contributing in various ways with state and commodity bodies, but we see great benefit in joining with the NFF and being able to engage directly on national policy issues, such as climate change, water, tax and infrastructure,” he said. “These issues affect all farmers and will continue to impact our businesses for the foreseeable future. The NFF is a respected and highly-effective lobbying and advocacy body. It is enhancing its emphasis on policy development and we very much want to be part of that future. “We look forward to a strong relationship with NFF and its members to the benefit of Australian agriculture.” More information on the NFF’s new membership model can be found in its http://www.nff.org.au/farm-organisations.html[Membership Proposal 2009] [ENDS]

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