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Don’t panic, we’ve got your back Farmers reassure Aussies about food security

Australians do not need to be concerned about a national food shortage.

This is the message to the community from the National Farmers’ Federation today.

“Bare supermarket shelves can be unsettling during these uncertain times and it’s natural to want to look after our families as best we can,” National Farmers Federation, President Fiona Simson said.

“However, today, and in the days and months ahead, Australians can be reassured that farmers are not shutting down.

“It’s business as usual. Farmers are getting on with the job, continuing to produce the meat, grains, milk, fruit and vegetables that we all love and rely on.”

Ms Simson said Australian farmers produced enough food to feed 75 million people.

“That’s three times our own population. In fact, two-thirds of what our farmers produce each year is exported for the world to enjoy.

“Unlike other countries, Australians’ access to home-grown, quality, safe food is extremely secure.

“Between 80-96% of the food on Australian supermarket shelves is grown in Australia.”

The NFF has today launched a national communications campaign, to reassure Australians about their access to food and to encourage shoppers to buy only what they need.

“Our food supply chain is adjusting to the increase in demand from panic buying in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Consumption has not increased. We’re urging shoppers to stick to their normal buying patterns to ensure everyone can access the groceries they need.

“If we do that, there is more than enough to go around.”

Ms Simson said farmers appreciated the support they received from Australians during the recent tough times.

“Now more than ever, with the lives of so many Australians disrupted, farmers are committed to supporting their fellow Aussies with ‘business as usual’ in the provision of fresh produce.”

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