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Drought Relief Appeal

We’re for the Bush Appeal NSW Farmers Association have linked up with the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, 2GB and the Commonwealth Bank to launch the We’re for the Bush Appeal. The appeal will raise funds for farmers for food and fodder gift cards from IGA and CRT Stores, and will be distributed by the Salvation Army. For further information about the appeal visit the NSW Farmers http://www.nswfarmers.org.au/home/drought-in-nsw/were-for-the-bush-appeal[website] or call NSW Farmers on (02) 9478-1076. National drought relief appeal Aussie Helpers is a not-for-profit organisation with over forty volunteers who willingly give their time and expertise to help farming families during drought. Since 2002, Aussie Helpers have helped thousands of farming families through a variety of means. These include the distribution of groceries, sporting equipment, personal hygiene goods and gifts for children. Aussie Helpers also provides assistance with stock feed, through their Buy a Bale initiative, and also ensures farmers have access to local counselling services. Donations can be made online, phone or via post and are all tax deductable. For more information, please visit the Aussie Helpers http://aussiehelpers.org.au/donations/[website]. Hay from W.A initiative Farmers from Esperance (WA) are collecting donations to help support farmers in drought affected areas of New South Wales and Queensland. Plenty of Hay bales have been donated by farmers (over 1000 already!), but program coordinators are on the lookout for further donations to assist with fuel and maintenance as the hay travels across borders. For more information, please call Hay from W.A organiser, Anne Bell on 08 90751118. Alternatively, you can visit their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hayfromwa[page].

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