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Election 2019: NFF celebrates common sense win for farmers

The National Farmers’ Federation welcomes the Government’s implementation of the new National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Mass and Dimension Exemption Notice. “The Notice is the result of over two years of hard work by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) in close partnership with industry and state and territory road transport authorities,” NFF CEO Tony Mahar said. “Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Michael McCormack, and Assistant Minister, Scott Buchholtz should also be congratulated on continuing to encourage jurisdictions to come on board as negotiations on the Notice progressed. “This is a great outcome for farmers who move agricultural vehicles on public roads.” The new Notice introduces a modernised and simplified set of national rules; reduces red-tape and injects common sense to the laws governing the movement of agricultural vehicles on public roads. “It is critical farmers are able to move large agricultural vehicles and equipment on public roads to go between paddocks and farms to spray, harvest and plant crops,” Mr Mahar said. “The previous rules and regulations governing these movements fell under the jurisdiction of state, federal and local governments. The number of jurisdictions, differences in how they regulated these movements, and the complexity of requirements for obtaining permits to move agricultural vehicles, made the efficient movement of farm equipment difficult.” The Notice replaces access arrangements under existing legal instruments, harmonises mass and dimension limits and operating conditions, and reduces duplication and inconsistencies across state and territory borders. While the Notice removes unnecessary paperwork, it ensures safety standards remain high by reaffirming conditions relating to maximum operating speeds, maximum mass and dimension limits, vehicle standards, warning signs and lights, and pilot and escort requirements. “The improvement of the regulatory environment governing how agricultural vehicles and combinations operate on public roads will improve the productivity of Australia’s farm sector, provide increased support for drought-affected communities, and improve road safety and infrastructure protection,” Mr Mahar said. “The NFF is particularly pleased to see a common sense approach to implementing the new Notice.” For the next 12 months, farmers can operate under either the old notices or the new national Notice. The NHVR has produced a detailed operator’s guide explaining the new conditions, and a map that identifies zones and operating conditions that are not prescribed or specified in the notice. This information is available on the NHVR website here https://www.nhvr.gov.au/road-access/national-harmonisation-program/national-class-1-agricultural-vehicle-and-combination-notice Explore our Agriculture: Growing Australian election priorities at farmers.org.au.

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