National Farmers' Federation

Farmers can now register direct with the NFF

THE National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has created a new online facility so Australian farmers can register directly with the peak national body and be kept up-to-date on NFF activity.
“We are extremely keen to ensure that NFF has strong communication links to farmers so we can demonstrate the tangible value of the work we do on behalf of our members and all Australian farmers,” NFF President David Crombie said.
“As of today, all Australian farmers can register online with the NFF, so we can keep them fully briefed and up-to-date on NFF activities… not only what we’re doing but, just as importantly, why and what the imperatives being faced at the national level mean for farmers.
“This is a positive and exciting initiative. With so many issues today, and into the future, being national in nature, a direct communications conduit between farmers and the NFF is imperative. We’re committed to making those bonds stronger and more worthwhile than ever before.
“Overwhelmingly, farmers support and see tangible value in the NFF but, of course, for farmers to have a genuine say on what the NFF does they need to join one of the NFF’s member organisations. I urge all farmers to become a member of their state or commodity organisation – and ensure that organisation is a member of the NFF.
“Only by working together we can get results that benefit agriculture and deliver value to farm businesses and local communities.”
Farmers can register with the NFF via the link below.

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