National Farmers' Federation

Farmers embrace a unified future

At a Members’ Council meeting of the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) in Adelaide this week, Members have overwhelmingly endorsed ongoing efforts toward a unified model for Australian farmers, paving the way for more effective representation of farmers across the country.
NFF President, Brent Finlay, said securing the future of Australian agriculture requires a holistic, unified approach to advocacy, branding and online engagement.
“Unifying the farmer voice means adapting to a more flexible and efficient model, while retaining strong policy outcomes, informed by real time understanding of issues affecting individual commodities and regions. It means engaging with the community, sharing our stories and bringing balance to the many policy debates involving or affecting the farm community.
A sophisticated digital platform for Australian farmers, with advanced farming tools, agricultural policy and an online community, will enhance current industry efforts to unify the farmer voice.
NFF members have also reiterated the importance of a single industry owned brand for Australian agriculture, to drive better farm gate returns for local producers in domestic and export markets.
“There are so many opportunities opening up before us. As part of the digital platform farmers will have new ways to take their business to the next level, or get involved in policy development, using tools in the palm of their hand. This is about making sure every Australian farmer has the ability to improve profitability and complement the existing policy formation process at a local, commodity, state and national level,” said Mr Finlay.
“Our members understand the importance of these initiatives for the future of Australian agriculture. Pooling our resources and clarifying our message will lead to better outcomes for farmers – it’s that simple.”
“The work we are doing now will make us more nimble and better resourced for years to come, as we build capacity, replace duplication with shared services and grow a greater regional presence.”
“This week’s meeting is an important step toward unity and collaboration. We have a clear mandate to continue working in good faith down the path of a more unified future,” said Mr Finlay.
The new online platform, being developed by the NFF and Accenture with the support of some of Australia’s leading technology companies and businesses, will be launched in the coming months.

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