National Farmers' Federation

Farmers urge Government to aim high in TPP talks

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) today urged the Australian Government to seek ambitious outcomes from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement negotiations, scheduled to take place in the United States this week.
NFF President Brent Finlay said agriculture needs to be at the heart of any TPP agreement and is one of the sectors that can deliver commercially meaningful trade gains for the Australian economy.
“It is critically important that as these trade talks progress over the next week, the benefits that the Australian farm and agribusiness sector might derive are foremost in the mind of Australia’s negotiators,” Mr Finlay said.
“Australian farmers are of the view that this agreement can deliver significant outcomes across the sector and across the economy.
“Agriculture has always been a strong supporter of trade and the benefits it brings to the broader community – the TPP must be seen in that light.
“The NFF has been very clear that improved commercial market access from the date of implementation on an agreement remains the highest priority for Australian farmers.
“The level of ambition for concrete outcomes in the TPP must be kept high and must be a shared vision across all the participating countries.
“We recognise that there are challenges in reaching agreement with twelve countries. However, the success of the TPP, and all trade agreements for that matter, will ultimately be measured against the commercial value back to the farmer.
“A successfully negotiated TPP would establish a new free trade agenda across the Asia-Pacific, where approximately 30 per cent of Australia’s total trade is focussed.
“Australian farmers need to be part of the TPP, which will not only set the rules for future trade across the region, but will positively impact farm sector profitability and the Australian economy,” Mr Finlay said.

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