National Farmers' Federation

Farmers welcome commitment to scrap RSRT

The National Farmer’s Federation (NFF) has welcomed the Turnbull Government’s election commitment to scrap the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) following widespread outrage from the agriculture and transport industries.
Announced earlier today by Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and Minister for Employment for Employment, Michaelia Cash, the Government has vowed to support truck owner-drivers by abolishing the destructive RSRT, should it be returned to Government at the next election.
NFF President, Brent Finlay, said he was pleased the Prime Minister had listened to industry and made this common sense commitment.
“Market competition and efficiency simply cannot exist where government agencies regulate market rates and the RSRT and the Road Safety Remuneration System Payment Order, which came into effect last Thursday, has potential to annihilate small transport businesses,” Mr Finlay said.
“This would have dire flow-on consequences for the agriculture industry which relies on these business and for the many farmers who run their own transport businesses as a form of supplementary income.
“We are heartened by today’s announcement from the Prime Minister and Minister Cash and implore them, should they be successful at the next election, to abolish the RSRT as a matter of priority upon retaining office.”
Mr Finlay also welcomed a commitment to redirect funds form the RSRT to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).
“If you’re going to do something meaningful about road safety it is critical it be done by a body that understands the industry and uses evidence-based policy to make decisions,” he said.
“We would hope that with greater resources the NHVR would be able to broadly consult with industry for outcomes that improve safety whilst not harming business.
“Today’s announcement has shown the Turnbull Government has not thrown road safety, or common sense, on the trash pile and demonstrates a positive commitment to work collaboratively with those who this most heavily impacts upon.”

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