National Farmers' Federation

Farming bodies move toward a more unified future

Members of the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) have today committed to strengthen and unify the voice of farmers across Australia, endorsing a way forward for reform of farm sector representation.
An interim report of the review of farm sector representation by Newgate Communications, presented to the NFF Members’ Council this week, outlined the results of extensive research within the farm sector over the past six months. The report will be finalised in the coming weeks.
NFF President Brent Finlay welcomed the report: “What this research confirms is that the current agriculture representation model is under immense strain. We can be more effective. We can be more unified. We can be stronger and we can be more streamlined,” said Mr Finlay.
“Our goal is to ensure that our representative structures advocate in the most effective way for the policies that will promote a competitive and profitable agriculture sector. This will ensure that farmers can get on with the job of producing quality food and fibre.
“Today NFF members acknowledged that change will require the support of both their organisations and grass roots farmers.
“Agreeing to work towards a more unified model is a big step for the Australian farm sector. Today we supported a process of revolution – revolution that we have to have. This isn’t another talk fest or report that gets shelved to gather dust. The appetite for change was certainly present today and my strong sense is that it will only grow.
“We leave Members’ Council today with tangible next steps that we can work on with the farm sector more broadly to strengthen, streamline and unify the voice of Australian agriculture. This is real. This is happening. We are committed to change,” said Mr Finlay.

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