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"Farming owes its success to science" – NFF on National Science Week

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) is recognising the contribution of science to Australian agriculture during National Science Week.
“Our industry owes its success to the advancements that research and development has made possible,” NFF President Fiona Simson said.
“Science has revolutionised every part of our farming system.
“The development of new technologies such as gene editing, high tech irrigation and satellite based global positioning are helping us farm more efficiently and sustainably.
“The shift from manual to mechanical cultivation and the swapping of manual shears; wool presses and hand milking for mechanical substitutes are but a few examples.
“We’ve also changed the way we work the land moving in the interests of preserving soil structure and moisture and maintaining biodiversity.
“Science has enabled the significant improvement in the management of pests and diseases as well as plant and livestock breeding.”
Ms Simson said today, farmers found themselves on the cusp of a digital revolution, as they begin to realise the opportunities of new technologies such as increased automation artificial intelligence and big data.
During 2016-2017, Australian farmers contributed $334 million to science through levy contributions to the Rural Research and Development Corporations.
Viewed, as the most innovative in the world, Australian farmers consistently report that they value the investment they make in science.
“We only have to reflect on the changes, across the board, to agriculture during the past 25 years, to realise the return-on-investment when it comes to research and development
“Our ability to continue to manage a variable climate, depends on our continued dedication to research and development.
“Today agriculture is a $60 billion industry, the NFF has a vision for farm gate output to be valued at $100 billion by 2030.
“By being dynamic in the environment in which we farm and being smart when it comes to the adoption of new technologies and techniques, Australian agriculture will continue to prosper into the future.”

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