National Farmers' Federation

Fiona Simson elected to World Farmers’ Organisation Board

The National Farmers’ Federation is pleased to announce that Fiona Simson has been elected as a Director of the World Farmers’ Organisation.

At the 2023 World Farmers’ Organisation General Assembly, held in Sun City, South Africa, Fiona Simson was elected to represent the Oceania Constituency of the WFO. The Oceania Constituency represents farmers in Australia and New Zealand. 

“Farmers are at the forefront of the big issues facing the world. When it comes to climate change, food security, economic development and environmental protection, farmers are part of the solution. 

“It’s important that when discussions are being held at the global level on issues impacting on agriculture, Australian farmers will be able to have a voice in those discussions. 

“A strong voice for Oceania in the WFO provides an opportunity for NFF to communicate Australian industry and government approaches in these global forums.

“It is essential to food and fibre producers a strong voice on the big global issues.”

The World Farmers’ Organisation is the global voice for farmers across the world. It represents farmers in international forums through the ‘Farmer Constituency’ a collaboration of farmers organisations from diverse countries. 

“The World Farmers Organisation is at the heart of global discussions. Whether its COP or the UN Food Systems Summit, the WFO has a seat at the table. As a Director, I can ensure Australian farmers are heard at the highest levels. 

Ms Simson also paid tribute to Katie Milne, outgoing WFO Vice President and Oceania Board Director. 

“Katie Milne has been a phenomenal representative of farmers in Australia and New Zealand. I’m proud to be able to carry on Katie’s work, ensuring that the voices of farmers in our region are heard everyday around the world.”

Outgoing Oceana Board Director Katie Milne (L, New Zealand) with Fiona Simson (R) at the 2023 World Farmers’ General Assembly – South Africa