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GrainCorp joins the NFF

GROWING from strength to strength with an increasing and diverse membership expansion, today the National Farmers’ Federation’s (NFF’s) ranks are further bolstered with GrainCorp coming on board as the peak farm body’s newest full Associate Member. “We continue to build on our ongoing engagement with the agribusiness supply chain,” NFF President David Crombie said. “This has always been a key goal and feature of the NFF’s new membership regime. “The inclusion of GrainCorp today as a full Associate Member can only strengthen our insight and involvement in the many issues that cut-across modern agriculture and, ultimately, affect all Australian farmers. We’re very pleased to welcome GrainCorp aboard.” GrainCorp operates at all points along the grain supply chain – from country storage sites, through to grain and bulk product export elevators and supplying grain to the export and domestic market. The company has a network with a total grain storage capacity of 20 million tonnes, seven bulk export elevators and manages more than four million tonnes of rail and road transport each year. Owning 60% of Allied Mills, GrainCorp is a major presence in all states and is Australia’s largest supplier of flour and bakery pre-mixes to hot bread shops, in-store supermarket bakeries and the industrial food service sector. It is also the world’s fourth largest commercial malt producer. GrainCorp CEO Ian Wilton added: “Joining the NFF is an opportunity and a responsibility. Issues that affect the business environment for farmers and agriculture as a whole affect our business. Decisions made in Canberra do have a significant impact on our commercial operations. “We will contribute to debates on infrastructure, global trade reform, taxation, regional development and expansion, workforce participation and training and other agricultural production related matters through the NFF. “We hope that through the NFF’s new membership structure we can lend our voice, insight and experience to these policy debates, and we hope we can bring a new perspective to policy development on matters that affect regional Australia.” Under the new NFF membership model full Associate Members are limited to a combined vote of no more than 40%. Information on the NFF membership structure is available in the NFF’s http://www.nff.org.au/farm-organisations.html[Membership Proposal]. More information on the NFF’s latest Associate Member is available from the http://www.GrainCorp.com.au/Pages/default.aspx[GrainCorp] website. [ENDS]

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