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How will you celebrate #AgDayAu 2021?

National Agriculture Day is less than 1 month away, on Friday 19 November.

The theme of this AgDay is ‘Choose your #AgVenture’, a celebration of the many fabulous and fulfilling career opportunities in agriculture: from mustering cattle in the Top End; to developing the next breakthrough wheat variety.

There are no limits to how you can celebrate AgDay. Start planning now to gather your family, friends or work mates to mark the day!

Here are our top 6 suggested ways to get involved in #AgDayAU 2021:

  • Connect your primary school directly to a farmer in the paddock, tractor or dairy with Farmer Time.
  • Post a social media tribute to your very own ag job, tagging #AgDayAU & #AgVenture.
  • Register your bespoke #AgDayAU (COVID Safe) event to receive an #AgDay gift pack.

To find out more visit www.agday.org.au

See #AgDayAU Supporters Kit here.

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