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Leaders elected to rationalised NFF committee and taskforce structure

Members of the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) have elected the leaders of the NFF’s rationalised standing committee and taskforce structure.
Earlier this year, state farming organisations and commodity group members supported a move to rationalise committees from 12 to six and agreed to establish two taskforces.
At the NFF Members’ Council meeting in Canberra today, members elected new committee and taskforce chairs – as below:
Economic Policy and Farm Business – Wayne Dunford
Trade – Fiona Simson
Workforce – Charles Armstrong
Sustainable Development – Angus Atkinson
Farming Systems – Chris Groves
Telecommunications & Social Policy ­- Georgina Somerset
Water – Les Gordon
Climate and Energy – Gerald Leach
NFF President Fiona Simson said the new committee restructure would enable the NFF to advocate even more strongly on policy issues of most importance, and of highest priority, to the farm sector.
“The six standing committees encompass the broad policy pillars of our sector and bring together committees where there was already a natural synergy.”
Ms Simson said the NFF retained the ability to consider specific issues through ‘taskforces’.
“Through a taskforce the NFF is able to continue to be dynamic and respond to issues as they arise.
“A taskforce also affords the NFF the opportunity to recruit experts on specific policy areas of interest – including those external to the NFF family.”
Speaking from the meeting today, Ms Simson welcomed the newly-elected Chairs to their positions.
“On behalf of the NFF Board, I congratulate those elected to the position of Committee Chair today.
“I also extend my thanks and gratitude to the outgoing Chairs, who have committed a great deal of time and consideration to their committees and more broadly, the important matters before the agriculture sector.”

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