National Farmers' Federation

Mining and coal seam gas a focus for NFF taskforce

Representatives of the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) are in Dalby this week to meet with local landholders to discuss issues around mining and coal seam gas extraction.
The newly established NFF Mining and Coal Seam Gas Taskforce is meeting with concerned farmers, stakeholders and a local coal seam gas company to gain a better understanding of the issue facing the Dalby community.
“This is an emerging issue and one that we at the NFF are committed to addressing,” said Duncan Fraser, NFF Vice-President and Chair of the Mining and Coal Seam Gas Taskforce.
“The Taskforce has been established to find a workable solution to this issue for all involved, and the purpose of the meeting in Dalby is to gain a real grassroots look at the issue of coal seam gas exploration and extraction.
“This is an issue, that like other forms of mining, has the potential to affect many of our members and local farmers.
“The first day of the meeting took place yesterday and was very successful in helping us to gain an understanding of the issues surrounding coal seam gas developments in this area, including access to land and impact on water resources. The meeting will continue this morning, and we hope that by visiting the local community, the Taskforce will be in a position where we can determine how best to assist,” Mr Fraser concluded.

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