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National Farmers' Federation celebrates TPP-11 ratification

“Today’s announcement that Australia has notified its ratification of the TPP-11 is great news for farmers and great news for Australia. It is an announcement that many thought would never come,” Ms Simson said.
As the 6th TPP-11 member to ratify, Australia has triggered the threshold to enable the Agreement to enter into force. This means Australian farmers will benefit from the first round of tariff cuts in 60 days (on 30 December) and another round of cuts on 1 January 2019.
“TPP-11 delivers improved market access for dairy; cotton; barley; beef and live cattle; offal, processed meat and animal fats; sheepmeat; seafood; sugar, wheat; and wine.
“These outcomes will increase investment on-farm in jobs, innovation and efficiencies that will flow through to rural and regional economies.”
Conclusion of the TPP and subsequent agreement on the TPP-11 is an historic outcome. It importantly delivers new market access for Australian agricultural exports and increases the competitiveness of Australian food and fibre products in global markets. It will strengthen regional supply chains and build prosperity.
The TPP-11 also signals strong support for open markets and acknowledges that international cooperation is critical to creating economic opportunities for all.
“Reaching consensus with 10 other nations on such a game-changing deal for regional trade is no small achievement.”
Ms Simson encouraged the Government to continue work to expand the TPP-
11 to other countries.
“The TPP-11 will improve trading conditions for Australia’s farm sector and help reach our vision of a $100 billion farm sector by 2030. TPP-11 expansion will further help us achieve this goal.”
Ms Simson also congratulated the Shadow Trade Minister, Jason Clare, and the Labor Party for their support of this important agreement. Australian farmers rely on the bipartisan support that has characterised Australian trade policy for over 30 years.
Ms Simson also acknowledged the work of Australia’s trade negotiators in delivering this outcome.
“It has been nine years of huge effort and tumult. Australia’s farmers thank you,” Ms Simson concluded.

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