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NFF elects new Directors and votes to extend Board terms

The membership of the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has elected a number of new Directors and voted to change the tenure of Board members at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Canberra today.
The role of President was uncontested with Fiona Simson returning for a second term.
Victorian Farmers Federation President and mixed farmer David Jochinke was elected to the position of Vice President.
Three new Board Directors were elected: Agforce Director and cattle producer Robyn Bryant, Dried Fruits President Mark King and NSW Farmers President and mixed farmer Derek Schoen.
Chair of Grain Growers Limited and New South Wales grower John Eastburn and NSW Farmers Executive Councillor and cattle producer Tony Hegarty were elected for a further term.
The newly-elected Directors join independent Directors David Carr and Andrea Koch, who were appointed to the Board in August 2017.
At the AGM, members also voted in favour of constitutional changes that will see Director terms changed from one year to three, with a maximum of two terms able to be served.
The changes were made to promote continuity and stability. The expiry of Director terms will be staggered, with the longest serving Directors, the first to complete their NFF Board tenure.
President, Ms Simson thanked outgoing Vice President Les Gordon and outgoing Directors Grant Maudsley and Mark Horan for their contribution to the NFF.
“It is only possible for the Federation to continue to do what it does, when there is a willingness from people to come forward and serve. Our outgoing Directors are those such people.
“The role of NFF Board member requires time away from families and businesses and a significant amount of behind-the-scenes work.
“I would like to especially recognise the contribution of outgoing Vice President Les Gordon.
“In my first year as President I have valued immensely Les’ counsel, support and wisdom. “Les continues to be a valued part of the NFF team as the Chair of the Water Taskforce.”

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