National Farmers' Federation

NFF-initiated on-farm water project hits the ground

THE National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) today welcomes the launch of the Federal Government’s $300 million on-farm water efficiency project for the Southern Connected Basin and Lachlan Valley.
Co-launching the project with Minister Wong in Sydney today, NFF President David Crombie explained that the NFF had called on the Government to accelerate delivery of water infrastructure projects, many of which have been delayed by negotiations with the States.
“Today’s announcement goes some way towards restoring the balance between buybacks and infrastructure upgrades,” he said.
“The Government has delivered on NFF calls for this specific on-farm project and will partner with irrigators to continue their already-demonstrated ability to increase efficiency, share water savings with the environment and create jobs in the bush.
“This important NFF-initiated program is a victory for the future of many irrigation communities assisting irrigators to produce more food and fibre with less water, and to align on farm infrastructure to irrigation delivery system investment.
“This investment is good for production at a time when the world is crying out for food and fibre and we excel at producing it, despite the challenges we face. It’s also beneficial for the environment, stimulates employment and supports regional communities.
“NFF urges irrigators to assess their options for on farm projects and get these important initiatives underway.
“NFF remains committed to water reform in this country. It is no secret we have been very frustrated with aspects of water reform and much work remains to be done, but today’s announcement is a step in the right direction and is yet another demonstration of NFF’s ability to deliver tangible outcomes from Canberra.”

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