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NFF releases mid-campaign ‘Scorecard’: all have room to improve

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has today released its anticipated ‘Mid-Campaign Election Scorecard’ to reveal clear room for further agricultural announcements and policy improvements in the weeks before Australia votes on 2 July. Reported using a ‘star system’ the Scorecard is judged by overlaying the agricultural commitments announced within the campaign thus far against the five ‘Policy Priority Areas’ of the NFF. This incarnation of the card is an interim report designed to indicate to each of the parties, mid-way through the campaign, how their policies line up with what Australian agriculture needs to thrive. These include: • Building a Stronger Workforce; • Supercharging Farm Business; • Leading the Global Marketplace; • Investing in Innovation and Technology; and • Balancing Farming and the Environment. Each of these policy areas is underpinned by specific asks which each party was invited to formally respond to so as to further assist in arriving at the overall ratings. NFF President Brent Finlay said while there had been some promising commitments made over the course of the last four weeks, farmers across the country were looking to the Coalition, Labor and The Greens to back up rhetoric with policy. “At this stage in the campaign we have seen some good policies relating to strengthening our position in the global marketplace but there remains plenty of work to be done,” Mr Finlay said. “This is particularly in the areas of building a stronger agricultural workforce, balancing food and fibre production with the environment and making sure that rural and regional Australians are adequately connected through the internet and mobile coverage. “We are aware there are further agricultural announcements to come but this first Scorecard allows us to give an indication of how parties are progressing so far and where improvement is needed before Australia goes to the polls. “We will continue to reiterate to all candidates that agriculture is poised to be Australia’s next $100 billion industry but for the sector to perform to the best of its ability, to drive jobs and growth and to deliver to the national economy, we need the right policies in place.” To see the NFF’s Interim Election Scorecard and comments specific to each parties’ ratings and how it has been derived from the NFF’s key election asks please click http://www.accelerateag.com/#!MidCampaign-Scorecard/vfdb7/5754b7c10cf24c9615a1fe9c[here].

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