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NFF reminds regional households to switch to SkyMuster before 28 February deadline

The Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition is urging the approximately 1200 households who have not yet switched from the Interim Satellite Service (ISS) to the Sky Muster National Broadband Network (nbn) satellite service to do so as soon as possible.
“These households need to switch before 28 February or they will be left without an internet service. They should contact their preferred provider as soon as practicable to arrange a new service,” NFF President Fiona Simson said.
The Coalition raised problems in regards to the operation of SkyMuster with the nbn last year.
“We are pleased that the nbn is now working to fix the problems and have committed to making more information available to users especially where there may be scheduled outages due to the repairs.”
Ms Simson said regional, rural and remote people were highly dependent on reliable communication services.
“Our regional, rural and remote communities rely on their internet connections to run businesses, educate their children, access banking and healthcare, as well as for entertainment purposes.
“They are particularly important during emergency situations and natural disasters.”
“If you think you’re still connected to the ISS we urge you to contact your service provider immediately so you won’t be left without a service,” Ms Simson said.
During 2017 the Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition is seeking bipartisan support for the following five policy initiatives to improve the delivery of regional telecommunications:
• A universal service obligation that is technology neutral and provides access to both voice and data.
• Customer service guarantees and reliability measures to underpin the provision of voice and data services, to deliver more accountability from providers and nbn.
• Long term public funding for open access mobile network expansion in rural and regional Australia.
• Fair and equitable access to SkyMuster satellite for those with a genuine need for the service, and access which reflects the residential, educational and business needs of rural and regional Australia.
• Fully resourced capacity-building programs that build digital ability, and provide learning and effective problem solving support for regional, rural and remote businesses and consumers.
The NFF is a member of the Regional Rural and Remote Communications Coalition – a group of like-minded organisations who have come together to end the data drought and champion better communications services for consumers and small businesses living in rural, remote or regional areas.

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