National Farmers' Federation

NFF rock solid on carbon tax position

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has today dismissed suggestions that it has changed its position on the carbon tax legislation or that the organisation is playing the politics on carbon.
“The NFF’s position on the carbon tax package has not changed in the slightest,” NFF President Jock Laurie said.
“Our policy position on the carbon tax is, and always has been, based on rigorous, independent analysis that shows the impact of the policy on our sector.
“This analysis demonstrates that the indirect costs emerging from the carbon tax policy will erode the competitiveness of the agricultural industry, in both our domestic and international markets.
“The NFF has acknowledged that concessions made for the agricultural sector are welcome in that they will soften the blow of a carbon tax for farmers. We have acknowledged moves by the Government to assist agriculture develop genuine carbon mitigation options through new research and development, and we have shown our support for the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI).
“We have never suggested, however, that these concessions or the CFI will remove the cost of the carbon tax for our industry completely – and that’s why we remain opposed to the carbon tax.
“Our position on this is rock solid, and we will continue to advocate this on behalf of our members.
“We will not be dictated to on this, or any other issue, by any politician or political party,” Mr Laurie said.

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