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NFF tells Basin Ministers to do their job

The National Farmers Federation has today called on Murray Darling Basin Ministerial Council Ministers to get on with the job, ahead of its meeting on Friday.

“In the lead up to almost every Minco meeting, the NFF on behalf of our members, provides a letter detailing the key Basin priorities for agriculture and regional communities, and awaits an outcome,” NFF President Fiona Simson said.

“There has been report upon report, producing countless recommendations, yet to date the majority remain nothing more than words on a page. 

“The NFF takes seriously our role and that of our members in constructively  contributing to Basin reports and inquiries. It’s disappointing to our members and others who have invested so much of their time, not to have the final recommendations effectively acted on. 

“We wholeheartedly agree with Minister Pitt – the time for reports is over. Except for the final ACCC water markets report,the homework is done, and the task is clear,” Ms Simson said.

For NFF the priorities for the immediate future of the Basin are:

  • A commitment not to extract any further water from the consumptive pool nor river operations;
  • Get on with the job of undertaking much needed and badly delayed consultations for SDL projects, including constraints projects;
  • Work with Basin communities to protect and support their wellbeing and viability; and
  • Be transparent, inclusive and sensitive to the farm sector and its associated communities.

“There is no excuse for Basin Ministers to delay any further their duty to implement the many recommendations before them to see that the Plan is the best version of itself. 

“While elected officials avoid the tough but necessary decisions communities, farmers and the environment continue to hurt.

“We call on Ministers to do their bit to stem the pain,” Ms Simson said.

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