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NFF welcomes Farm Household Allowance extension

NFF President Fiona Simson said the news would be a welcomed relief to farmers battling consecutive years of drought.
“Farmers in parts of Queensland, for example, have encountered up to seven years of drought.
“Until today, farming families receiving assistance through the FHA program were required to transition away from the allowance after three years, this is despite many still grappling with the financial pressures prolonged drought imposes.”
Today’s announcement follows Prime Minister Turnbull’s ‘drought listening tour’ two weeks ago where he visited drought-affected parts of New South Wales and Queensland.
During the tour, Ms Simson met with the Prime Minister, Agriculture Minister David Littleproud and their Cabinet colleagues in Trangie to discuss strategies to most effectively assist farmers during drought.
Ms Simson said the wide-ranging discussion recognised there was no ‘silver bullet’ but rather a multi-pronged approach.
“The NFF believes a best-practice drought support strategy must address: risk management and preparedness; support during drought; and assistance to enable rapid recovery.
“The Farm Household Allowance is a vital part of the during-drought support for farming families .”
“I strongly urge farming families doing it tough, and who I know are often reluctant to accept help, to apply for the Allowance.”
Ms Simson said she looked forward to continuing to work with Minister Littleproud on the ‘drought roundtable’ also announced today, to progress further strategies to help farmers, prepare, manage and recover from drought.
“Farmers are under no illusion that the climate is becoming increasingly variable and as a sector we must continue to adapt.
“Drought has long been and will continue to be, a part of the farming landscape, but as a nation, we can be smarter and in how we support those most affected.”

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