National Farmers' Federation

NSW farmers get all clear to harness GM technology

FARMERS in NSW are now free to commercially grow genetically modified (GM) canola after the NSW Government’s acceptance of the recommendations of the independent public review on the technology today.
“Farmers can now match their international counterparts in accessing new varieties of canola that have the potential to make them more efficient and competitive on the world stage, while also more environmentally sustainable,” National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) President David Crombie said.
“The NFF has long advocated for farmers having the ability to choose which production methods best suit the needs of their customers – be that GM, conventional, organic or any combination of these.
“We maintain that the production methods of one famer, or groups of farmers, must not unreasonably impinge on the ability of other farmers in meeting the requirements and expectations of the market they choose to meet.
“Until now, Australian farmers have been left behind as our international competitors have embraced, and invested in, biotechnology as a safe and viable agricultural science.
“Australia, having the most stringent standards in assessing GM technology, is well positioned to harness the enormous environmental and productive benefits biotechnology advances pose.
“The NSW Government has made the scientifically justified decision in providing farmers the opportunity to choose the products they want to grow and the technology they need to use to meet the changing demands of the domestic and international marketplace.”

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