National Farmers' Federation

Parliament House plays host to future farming discussion

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) will host a Blueprint for Australian Agriculture forum at Parliament House today, providing an opportunity for all Federal Parliamentarians to contribute.
The forum, which will take place from 4pm at Parliament House, is one of a series of forums that have been taking place across Australia as part of the Blueprint, however, unlike the forums to date, this forum will specifically focus on key government influencers and decision-makers.
“So far this year, we have taken Blueprint across the country to seek input from farmers, transporters, processors, retailers, consultants, rural businesses, agribusinesses, community groups and industry leaders. 1,000 people have already taken part; telling us what they believe are the key issues, challenges and opportunities facing the farming sector and the supply chain,” NFF CEO Matt Linnegar said.
“And today, we’re taking Blueprint to the people who have the opportunity to make change happen for agriculture.
“Today’s forum is about giving those within the corridors of power at Parliament House the chance to input into the Blueprint process: to tell us what they believe the key challenges and opportunities are, and to identify what they want the future of agriculture in Australia to be.
“At the end of this year, aptly timed as the Year of the Farmer, we will be presenting the final Blueprint, the road map for the future of the sector, to Government – so it is essential that they have the chance now to have their say,” Mr Linnegar said.
Joining the NFF at the forum will be representatives of all sides of Parliament: the Government, the Opposition, the Independents and the Greens.
The Blueprint is an initiative of the NFF, in partnership with Westpac and Woolworths. Media are invited to attend – and participate in – the forum, which is taking place from 4pm to 6pm today, Monday 21 May, at Committee Room 1S5 in Parliament House, Canberra.

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