National Farmers' Federation

Parliamentary Inquiry into the ‘Guide to the Basin Plan’

“TODAY’S announcement of a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s (MDBA’s) ‘Guide to the Basin Plan’ is a welcomed circuit-breaker,” National Farmers’ Federation President David Crombie said.
“While in of itself it does nothing to ease the distress caused by the savage and unworkable cuts floated in the Guide, it does make good on the NFF’s call that our politicians have to step in and wrest control from the bureaucrats as we move forward.
“From what we have seen so far it is clear a political solution is needed to bring the MDBA into line.
“That the announcement today recognises the need for restoring balance as we move forward is a positive gesture, but the proof of that goodwill will be for the Government and this Inquiry to demonstrate.
“There is precious little trust left on the ground in Basin communities to be toyed with.”

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